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Enterprise Software


What is Enterprise Software?

The definition according to Wikipedia: also known as enterprise application software. It is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users. They help you perform business functions such as order processing, procurement, production scheduling, customer information management, energy management and accounting.

Why is Enterprise Software important?

Enterprise software improves the workflow of your company. Repetitive business processes are automated ensuring that employees are more productive.

Enterprise Software



Customer Relationship Management
Maintain customer loyalty.

  • Collaborative
  • Analytical
  • Operational
  • Conversion

Enterprise Resource Planning
Streamline and automate processes.

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Distribution
  • Order-Processing

Content Management System
Control and collaborate on projects.

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Custom-Made

Core Features

Modular Design

Incorporate distinct business modules such as manufucturing, financial, accounting and distribution. These modules work seperately in real-time with online batch-processing capabilities.

Central Database

Data is entered and stored only once and then utilized by all deparments simultaneously which helps eliminate data entry errors and other flaws associted with using a distributed database.

Flexible Database

Having an open system architecture allows an organizatiom to attach or detach any module as and when required without affecting the other modules.

Consistent UI

A consistent user interface reduces training costs and appears professional.